West Coast Trail 2014

Where do I even begin?  How do I explain hiking off the grid, so remotely?  Maybe I should first say, it wasn’t near as remote and isolated as I thought.  It was as far away as we could get, but still there were boats, helicopters and guns.  There were still plenty of people and even burgers in a shack in the middle of nowhere.  We met people we loved talking to, sat around a roaring campfire every night, showered in waterfalls, peed below the tideline, ate oatmeal for breakfast every morning and hiked kilometre after kilometre every day.  It was incredible. (more…)

Bucketlist – Hiking in the Grand Canyon



IMG_5256Hiking in the Grand Canyon was tied for first in the highlights of our Vegas trip.  It took a big commitment to get there and to actually hike, but it was a no-brainer.  We couldn’t go to Las Vegas without seeing the Grand Canyon.  We rented a car from Thriftty at the airport.  We had booked a premium car with them because they didn’t have Crown Victoria listed as an option on their website, instead it was something like a Nissan Altima.  We’re not old, we don’t drive old people cars.  So imagine our surprise when we went to pick up our car and were told they only had three Crown Victorias to choose from!  The gal helping us out was really nice though, and saw our predicament, she called around and got us upgraded to a Jeep Liberty.  Score! (more…)

Bucketlist – Cirque de Soleil

One of our bucket list items was to see a show by Cirque de Soleil.  There has always been so much hype around Cirque, that I wasn’t sure it could live up to my expectations.  On our trip to Las Vegas we made a point to see a show, despite the price.  The three I wanted to see were 1. KÀ 2. Mystère & 3. O  KÀ and O were ridiculously (or so I thought at the time) expensive, so that left Mystère as the reasonably priced option.  In total we paid $180 with taxes and charges for two tickets.  I’m so happy to say that it was worth every single cent!

Every seat in the theatre was great, but ours were especially so.  Middle tier, just off centre, it was perfect.  I was absolutely enthralled and in awe for the entire 90 minutes.  It was surprising, engaging, funny, shocking and amazing.  It was by far the coolest thing either one of us has ever seen.  Early on I stopped seeing the entertainers as human, but more as characters, like in a movie, where nothing bad could happen.  They seemed invincible to my eye.  Along with acrobats, trapeze artists, gymnasts and actors there was a live 5 (I think) piece band playing all the music and two singers to provide to vocals.  The show was incredible.  Such talent!

Unfortunately we were not permitted to take pictures inside the theatre, which I understand.  So I snapped just one on the sly.  It’s not the greatest, but it’s a good enough reminder for me!

We left the show awe struck, and the feeling hasn’t left.  I want to go back to Las Vegas just to see the other two shows!  (There are currently eight Cirque shows playing in Las Vegas currently.)  If you have any inclination toward seeing a Cirque de Soleil show I urge you to do it, you won’t regret it!  Don’t worry about the money, it’ll be worth it.

Las Vegas 2014

IMG_5384Does everyone else hate the prompt: so tell me about your trip, as much as I do?  What do you mean?! I want to exclaim, what do you want to know?  What is your capacity for information?  How much can you tolerate before you want me to stop talking?  I don’t mind telling you about my trip, but I never want to be a bore, please!  That’s why I write here, so I don’t have to tell my stories, you can read them.  (Click on the pictures to view them bigger) (more…)

100 Mile Weekend

IMG_4591 Our weekend went something like this; freeze, warm up, freeze, warm up, freeze.  Because dang it was cold!  Mom and I left Friday morning, before the sun came up.  We were in Merritt by 9am, to visit a friend of my Mom.  Surprisingly, for I surely didn’t see this coming in Merritt of all places, we had delicious coffee and a bumble berry scone from a bakery just down the street.  Holy man was I surprised, and thrilled.  My Mom’s friend Renee had also just got back from Las Vegas, and had stayed in the same hotel we plan to! Hows that for odd.  Also, every person I talk to has gone to Vegas, why haven’t I? (more…)

Edmonton & New Year’s

IMG_3217Our trip to Edmonton was awesome.  We feasted, we danced, we indulged, we spoiled, we loved.  Things started off in a dramatic fashion, we forgot the new suit and dress at home as we stood in line for security at the airport.  Shane raced home to get them, luckily our flight was pushed back half an hour and he arrived just in time.  We all made it together, which was the important thing, and with our wardrobe intact.  (more…)

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