May 16-19

Steph requested double chocolate biscottis a couple weeks ago, so I finally made them, they’re awesome! Best biscotti i’ve made, they are more like a cookie, delicious. They are from here.

this dog is very cute! (plus my ikea rug)

I did this planting on the 15th, I planted:
-1/4 row of carrots
-1/2 a row of beets
-1/3 of a row of spinach
-fingerling potatoes in a garbage pail
-swiss chard, 2 containers of it
-burpless cucumbers
-1 row of broccoli

so this is my cute garden, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT IN JULY!!

my strawberry plant has a few growing

this is my dill and tarragon

my awesome husband!

I made these gluten/dairy free brownies that mom loved!
Tash and Shane liked them too (they were starting shane’s first physics assignment)

We brought this yummy coconut bread to watch robin hood (great movie with russell crowe who I didn’t know was so attractive) (it could be the beard)

Shane brought me home these flowers from Maya’s last night, I arranged them into these. There is also a bouquet of peonies and roses with some cute little bell like flowers.

and finally I made this cake for steph’s boss, she wanted, it’s from the essence of chocolate book which has turned out really well before but looks like garbage this time, oh well

May 14-15

Today was; warm spring sun, dirt under the nails, the smell of nothing with a stuffy nose, faint taste of bitter coffee.

(this pathetic picture)

Grilled (marinated) chicken breast with white bbq sauce from here for lunch today.

This amazing sun-dried tomato tuna melt with peppered goat cheese

So this is the beginning. Of the rest of my life. The first year of many many I hope.

So let me introduce you…

this strawberry plant is leftover from last year, it’s not given me any fruit. I’m thinking about replacing it with eggplant.

this is my basil plant, there are 3, I really hope they do better than last year, also in this pot is my heirloom tomato plant! YAY!

this is the side bed, its got arugula, kale, romaine and … i’ve already forgotten!

these are my beans, there are 3 heirloom varieties

and these are my peas, they’re looking promising

my peppers, there are 4

I planted an acorn squash..

a zucchini…


tomatoes! 3 of them!

In that bed there are also, summer squash and broccoli, for now

In the front bed I have my…walla walla onions and leeks

I suppose its the beginning in more than one way (I didn’t realize that when I wrote it, I was just talking about my first garden). Shane is deciding what course he wants to go into school. Were talking major time here, 1 1/2 year waiting list, 2 year course, oh future me why can’t you come tell me now how its all going to work out?

I made these for hunter (because I’m the worst sister in the world) They are the shortbread from here (which is really! good) and then just a regular caramel recipe (a little to stiff for my liking) and 1 1/2cups of chocolate with 2-3 T of cream.
They are just like the twix bars (except better cause I made them)

May 8 and 9

This Saturday Steph and I went to the first farmer’s market of the summer season in trout lake (or whatever), we found a couple things, but since it was such a gorgeous day we went to the market.

First we mowed down on bagels,

walked around, took some pictures

and I bought some live spot prawns from The Lobster Man, it was the first week of the season.

The next day was Mother’s day

we ate gluten free muffins mom loves

We also had fruit salad and baked eggs with some fresh herbs and ash ripened goat cheese from oyoma, but we devoured it before I remembered the camera.

Then on sunday night Shane and I went to the mexican restaurant Gringos. They had these perfect sized corinitas!

May 6th and 7th

I started planting my garden on the 7th, i’ll post a bunch of pictures another day, maybe tonight even.

Erin came over on Thursday, I made her (and me) this: lemon sea salt focaccia, which was nice

we also had, sticky lemon chicken, easy orzo salad, and fiddleheaads (just sauteed)

for desert I made east strawberry turnovers with rhubarb icecream

earlier in the day I made eccles cakes, they were only okay

lastly, a couple days later I made these really really good chocolate chip cookies!

They were so good! they rival my 36 hour cookies and they are ready so much sooner, this time I made them 3oz instead of 4

April was all about…our wedding.

An amazing April 6th, a 24 hour travel period, a shiny new iPod and beautiful pearls. A wonderful honeymoon with sweet and frothy drinks. A smelly puppy and tanned skin, a few warm spring days at last!

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