Right Now – February 13

Loving// Planning for Hazel’s birthday.  It’s two months away, I realize that, but we’re going to be near the boarder for a few weeks and sometimes the shipping from etsy is massively cheaper, so it pays to get it shipped to Sumas.  Also, I need to visit a party supply store when we are down, because the shipping it like $10 at Party City.  Last year Hazel’s little party we had planned with her friends got cancelled, so this is her first birthday party.  I’m not huge on themed birthday parties, but she loves Mickey Mouse a lot, so I am kind of leading with that (but not going over board, I swear.) (more…)

Caramelized Blood Orange and Almond Sundaes

Whoops! I almost forgot to mention I made this.  We entertained friends for dinner the weekend before last and our dessert was sundaes.  This went over far better then I ever thought it would with the adult crowd!  I had an array of kid friendly toppings which most people mixed together with the blood orange caramel sauce and everyone was happier for it.  I wasn’t super stoked on this dessert.  The sweetness of the ice cream made the orange taste more like grapefruit and I am always a huge lover of the blood orange.  I don’t think I’d make this again, there are definitely better sundae combos out there. (more…)

Surfing Sunday

Happy Sunday!  We’re spending our weekend house bound, which I can’t complain about!  Shane’s working all weekend long (he’s on a stretch of 8, we miss him!)  I’m sure our next three weekends (spent out of town) will be plenty busy.  A lot of the link this week are food related, I guess that is where I am this week.

I made these veggie sandwiches for dinner this week and I think they are the best thing I’ve eaten all month!  I salivate just thinking about them.  I made them on a hoagie style roll instead of a baguette which I imagine made them much easier to eat. (more…)

Tuesday Recap

Happy Tuesday!  How did you spend you weekend?  If you are living in the Vancouver area (as most of my friends and family do) you spent it snowed in!  We were attached to the potty in this house, which made it very difficult to leave.   Potty training is a full on job!  What everyone’s hurry to be out of diapers?  Now I’ll be potty police every twenty minutes for the foreseeable future.  Hazel is doing very well though, with only a few accidents which is nice!  Dresses and princess panties are where it’s at.  I’ve only got three pairs for her though, so I “rush” ordered some more from Old Navy.  I say “rush” because the quickest option won’t arrive for 4-5 business days, ha!  You should have seen how proud she was to do her first #2 in the potty though, so cute! (more…)

Surfing Sunday

IMG_6739Hey you all!  It’s a snowy blowing mess out there this morning, so I’m cozied up with a cup of coffee, a blanket and these articles I deemed noteworthy this week.  Let me know what you liked in the comments.

I love all of what I read here.  I’m glad so many of the bloggers I follow have started speaking out. (more…)

February 1

IMG_7545I feel like my January was really on point.  How was yours?  Every goal I had for the month was achieved, I’m feeling on top of things.  Not that I usually feel all that bogged down, but January can be a tough month emotionally.  We’ve had plenty of sunny days (even a few warm ones!), which has made all the difference.  Our financial goals are going strong, we’ve switched over to an online bank, and February’s goal is to close down our Scotiabank account so we can stop paying $15 a month in fees, grrrr.  I booked my first flight with airmiles we earned buying groceries, instead of miles we paid cash for, which was a great feeling.  Until the amount I paid for a 1-way flight was the same amount as a return flight.  GRRRRRR!  I’m angry about that, but I really need to see my sister, so what can you do?  I feel like it was still worth it since it was technically free.  And in my proudest moment this month, I took the plunge and invested our RRSPs myself this year!  Scary…big, but in the end not a huge deal.  I feel so accomplished!  Two weeks later we had an appointment with Investor’s Group (where we have last year’s RRSPs being held) and of course our advisor pretty much said “I know what I’m doing, this is my job, you aren’t going to do better then I am”.  Ugh, I’m not good at defending myself.  But he isn’t going to change my mind, and I’m not going to change his, so it doesn’t really matter. (more…)

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