Wild Blueberry Pie with Almond Crumble Topping

img_2211This delicious pie was the first thing out of my oven in 2017.  We had friends over for an easy dinner Saturday night, and this pie went over really well with the whole crowd.  This was probably my favourite blueberry pie I’ve made…like ever.  Those wild blueberries in the freezer section are my favourite!  We put them in our cereal, in muffins, on yogurt, or just on their own, so if course if you turn that into concentrated blueberry goodness…it was amazing.  After not eating sweets for a week, this pie came across very sweet (I find that always happens when I stop eating sugar), but Shane (who is very much not-not eating sugar) said it was perfect.   (more…)

Right Now, January 6

img_2067Loving// I’m having a moment with personal finance.  It’s consuming all my thoughts, I’m even dreaming about it at night!  We’ve been doing alright with our finances in the past few years.  It seems that everything comes at once when you start a career, buying a house, buying a vehicle, having a baby, losing a parent, it’s all so expensive, and it’s all happened at in 18 months.  This year we are dealing with huge additional costs on the house, but we’re also focused on saving for retirement.  So no vacation this year…waaaaah.  Regardless, I’m feeling super pumped about the state of things, so I’m totally loving this. (more…)

December 31

img_7156Here I am, getting this post in by the skin of my teeth.  Today was an easy, cozy wonderful day.  We hung out at home while the snow fell thick and hard.  We read books, made olibollen and I finished deep cleaning the kitchen.  So many good feelings.  And for dinner, our NYE tradition of yummy fondue.  Later there will be bubbles, and probably a few episodes of Star Trek, because that is something we do now.  Like I said, one for the books.   (more…)

Tiramisu Eggnog Trifle

img_7041I made this dessert for Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately, I got really sick Christmas day and it stuck around into Boxing day.  The idea was to cook up a bunch of appetizers and bring them to Shane’s work around 7pm, so we could enjoy a meal with him. (more…)

Christmas 2016


Christmas has passed!  I can barely believe it.  I was up at 4:30am I was so excited.  Hazel didn’t get up until 6…for once.  She was so stoked when she saw the doll (now named Petal) and the stroller.  She was playing so hard she didn’t notice the stuffed kitty peeking out of her stocking.  We ate our traditional cinnamon buns and then opened gifts!  Hazel is a slow and miticulous wrapper ripper.  She loved all her gifts and wanted to stop and play with every one.  She was so cute! (more…)

December 24

img_6799img_6799It’s a beautiful sunny day in BC’s north eastern corner.  Maybe not the day I envision Christmas Eve to be, but welcome anyway.  It would have been a wonderful day for a run outside.  I spent a few dollars on some cold weather running pants earlier in the month, and received a running toque and running neck-warmers (what do you call those? cowls? I’m not sure) for my birthday.  So it’s been really fantastic to get outside when the weather is -15 or above.  I just live for it.  Yesterday I was on the trail with fat, thick flakes of snow falling.  Magic.  Pure magic.  I would have gotten out there again today, but Shane was at work and Hazel hates stroller running.  I would have even paid our babysitter, but that isn’t going so hot.

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