April 19

*Hello, hello. Is this thing on?*  I’m having a tough time with this space right now.  I’m putting this chatter out into the world, and am getting no good feelings in return.  Is any one there?  It’s okay if no one is, I’m totally alright with that.  In fact, it would be better that way.  I think I’ve opened up and shared too much, and no one has heard me.  Or if they have, they’ve not liked what they read and judged silently.  Ouch.  I’m definitely feeling disenchanted.  Anyway, I’m here to try this again.  To try and keep it light, when that isn’t how things are any more.   (more…)

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My sweetheart turned two on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure it blew her expectations out of the water.  (Not that a two year old has expectations about anything, except watching movies every day with poc-orn!)  She had been talking about her party all week.  Every time we baked anything she announced “it’s for my birt-day”.  She was so happy to see the decorations I put up, the minnie mouse balloon, and the cake pops.  Oh the cake pops!  She was such a huge fan!  She made cake pops out of playdough for two days afterwards.

We sang her happy birthday with a candle in her pancakes, which thrilled her.  She opened her gifts slowly, one by one, stopping to play and read every book along the way.  There was no rushing this girly.  We gave her a marble run (she’s obsessed), a matching game (loves it), a mickey mouse book set (her new favourite) and a nightlight.  Shane’s dad gifted her some money which we bought plenty of new books with, so she was very happy.  Her party consisted of four friends, which was perfect.  We ate hot dogs, popcorn and fruit salad which are all her favourites.  For the adults we added pasta salad and cut up veggies.  The grin on her face all day…it couldn’t have made me any happier.

My girl is two!  How can it be? (more…)

The Shortest Life

I had the best news to tell you.  But then it was taken away.  After a year of wanting and waiting, there was finally another baby on the way.  We were so excited, this baby was already so loved.  Two weeks later it was over, the pregnancy was gone.  My heart was broken.

Show and Tell – Your Loves

IMG_2349-2I feel kind of silly posting a post like this.  Any one who reads this knows, it’s not really my style.  But I’ve been itching to do something like this and I figured, hey it’s my blog and if I want to, why not?  I guess this blog feels really personal.  It’s all me all the time and this just feels…different.  Any way here goes nothing. (more…)

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