Day 92, Home!

sunny 22 °C

We made it!!
5956064564_6c0c5c6184.jpgWe are so relieved to finally be back to our own (private!) space.
5956064932_54f9979fbd.jpgYou’ll find me on my personal blog from now on.

Day 90, Brussels

rain 18 °C

We left our hostel in Bruge at 0930 and got into Brussels at 1230. We found our guesthouse relatively easily and ditched our stuff. We left right away to find lunch, we were both starving. We ended up eating burgers at a yummy burger bar down the square from us. Burgers in Belgium? Why didn’t we wait till we got home? We were hungry damn it! (more…)

Day 89, Bruge

rain 13 °C

Shane wasn’t feeling well this morning, so we lounged around the hostel. Close to 1200 we finally left, but just to walk around. It was pouring down rain, it had been all morning. We bought some more chocolate and looked around for a certain someone’s gift. We’ve been trying to decide for a few weeks now what to get her and every time we see something that fits we chicken out. “Oh, I’m not sure if she’d really like it.” We knew what we wanted to get her, we knew where it was. But this place, it was at a flea market, wasn’t there for the day, because of the rain. (more…)

Day 88, Bruge

sunny 26 °C


As previously stated I awoke in a good mood (thank goodness for both of us!) I scurried down stairs as the doors opened and ran to a table with a plug-in. I might not have the stamina for loud music and late nights but I can beat anyone here at getting up early and challenging them first thing in the morning. Shane came down about an hour later and we ate a toast buffet (with this amazing speculoos paste! Why wasn’t this a part of my childhood!?!?!)  (more…)

Day 87, Bruge

rain 13 °C

5939836385_3ecebd78db.jpgWe woke up early to start the day off. We wanted to be on the train as soon as possible. We ate and packed and got an alternate route to the scenic 35km planned. Shane grabbed his jacket, hanging from the night before. It was still soaked. We wore them anyway, we had no option. The ride wasn’t as bad as the day before, it didn’t rain until the very end. We were back in Appingendam within one hour, which was much faster than we thought. We saw the Albert Heijn and looked at our watches, we had plenty of time.  (more…)

Day 86, Noordbroek

storm 13 °C


It rained all night. The wind blew, the house creaked. When we woke up and peaked out the window, it was all the same. The rain blew in visible sheets on the gusts of wind. It was dark and stormy and we went for breakfast. We ate slowly, dragging time. We spent an hour nursing a cup of coffee. When we thought we could wait no longer we went downstairs and told our host we were leaving. She disagreed saying if we waited another hour the rain would blow away. We stayed until 1100, our Belgian friends left at 1020. It didn’t stop raining, the wind didn’t stop blowing and the temperature didn’t rise above 13 degrees. (more…)

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